Pop Screw Universal

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Innovative material

Made of stainless steel and biomedical techno polymer.

Mechanical Properties

Continuous expansion movement: the high pressure injection of the polymer

allows a perfect copy of the male thread of the screw ensuring a continuous

smooth expansion without the risk of any undesired turning back in the mouth.

Biomechanical Excellence

The self-centering rectangular guides ensure a biomechanical and absolutely

controlled symmetrical expansion.


The flexibility of the screw allows the adjustments of any dental regress due

to incorrect use by the patient; they are also very effective as a holding device following a rapid expansion treatment.

Clear Opening Direction

The embossed direction arrows on the plastic body indicate the direction of

opening. When using an acrylic resin with a similar color to the polymer

body, a white arrow provided with the plastic placement tab can be used to

ensure the direction of activation is visible.


Pack of 10. 

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