Looking for a solution to stop emergency appointments?

Introducing the Safe Cinch

Light aligning wires move teeth easily and quickly but sometimes they can also bring problems. The Safe Cinch is a patented new product designed to make treatment safer and more comfortable for your patients, and life easier for you by reducing emergency appointments. The Safe Cinch is a rounded, crimpable device which is positioned over the protruding end of the archwire behind the molar tube, using Ixion Safe Cinch (ix920) designed to hold and crimp it securely. For use on wires from .012” to .0175”/.025”.

Problem 1
Problem 1

Wire Poke

The wires slide out distally through the molar tubes or brackets as teeth align or wire slides round. This is specially a problem with SLBs and Lingual technique.

Problem 1
Problem 2

Long Unsupported Span

The fine, flexible wires drop out of molar tubes and may be too light to be held by conventional cinching.

Problem 1
Problem 3

Loose Tube

Bonded molar tubes that debond can easily come off the back of the wire even when conventionally cinched, causing safety concerns.

Problem 1

Wire Poke

The Ixion Safe Cinch is a simple solution to prevent any of these problems from occurring.

Special Features

  • Rounded

    The Safe Cinch is rounded for patient comfort

  • Perfectly shaped

    The Safe Cinch is shaped to fit dedicated Ixion Safe Cinch pliers making it easy to use (ix920).

  • Easily loaded

    The Safe Cinch is shaped to sit on a bonding pad making it easy to load.

  • Nurse friendly

    The Safe Cinch can be loaded by your nurse and safetly passed on without it dropping out of the plier.

I have been using Safe Cinch for some time now and find it invaluable to secure the distal ends of sectional wires. The safe cinch is more comfortable for patients as it eliminates wire pokes which also helps reduce emergency appointments. It’s also very useful as stops for low-friction systems.

Dr. Chris Lowe Principle Orthodontist, Cheshire
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