What’s in store at the AAO? 5 things we’re shouting about

Going to this year’s AAO? So are we, and we’re making the most of it by showcasing our new product launches alongside all our old favorites.

With over 300 lectures to attend, 9 exciting tours, and a hall packed with exhibitors, it could be easy to get swept away at the AAO. So, do you plan it with military precision? Or keep it loose - attend a couple of lectures that catch your eye, soak up the atmosphere and grab a few freebies? Whatever your style, attending the AAO Annual Session 2019 promises to spark the imagination of every Orthodontist.

AAO2018: Simon, Rebecca, Christian and James with Sandra from Provisiones Dentales, Colombia.

At the DB Orthodontics booth (1047), we’re gearing up for four days of sharing ideas and showcasing our fantastic new range of products. It’s incredibly easy to present products when they’re this good.

So without further ado, here are our top five things to see at our booth:

One: Say hello to OPRO Sports mouthguards

GB Taekwondo competitor Bianca Walkden partnered with OPRO to deliver sessions in schools promoting sports participation.

Help your brace wearing patients defend against dental sports injuries with Gold Braces mouthguards from OPRO. We’ve teamed with award-winning OPRO Mouthguards to show orthodontists across the US how easy it is to incorporate this market-leading appliance into a patient’s care plan. The global name in Custom Fit and Self Fit sports mouth guards, OPRO is partnered with USA Rugby, UFC, Pop Warner, AYF, USA Taekwondo, and USA Wrestling to name but a few.

Two: Ask for a demonstration on Ixion’s Aligner Pliers – a must have for the orthodontist’s aligner tool kit.

 IX888 Rotation Aligner Plier.

When aligner treatment hasn’t gone as the prescription intended and minor movements are required, do you really need to create new aligners? With the help of Ixion Aligner Pliers, the extra costs and inconvenient extra appointments may be avoided. Experience for yourself how efficiently Ixion Aligner Pliers work with any aligner material, and how their slimline tips fit into even the narrowest of anterior zones.

Three: Pick up our offers booklet

Get out your shopping list! We love to treat AAO visitors to savings on all our top products. Along with this, you can rely on never having to compromise on quality! Click on the link to view our latest offers.

Four: Check out our Photography Products

DB Orthodontics' Photography Masterclass, held by Award Winning Photographer Tim Zoltie.

How good are your before and afters? Ensure your clinical photographs are always professional with the right equipment and accessories. Our extensive range of mirrors, retractors and contrastors provide you with the right accessories for the right shot, every time. 

Five: Take a look at our Evolve brackets and tubes

We are extremely proud of the fine details which take our Evolve stainless steel brackets and tubes from ordinary to extraordinary. Discover the many features, including the ultra-low friction slot - making wire insertion easier than ever; and the mushroom shaped hook which secures chains and attachments, and prevents slipping. See for yourself how the beveled tie wings reduce visibility from the front without compromising on strength; and how the funnelled entrance of the Evolve Flow tube creates seamless wire insertion.

Even after grabbing a bargain, squeezing in as many lectures as you can and checking out what’s new and what’s not, why not take a bike ride or even a trip round universal studios thanks to the AAO tours schedule? And, for those feeling super energetic, why not join the fun run? If you do, be sure to say hello to our US Sales Director James Lee when you spot him at the starting line…

US Sales Director James Lee.


For more information, sales inquiries, or to arrange a practice visit call 619 892 7233 or email info@dbortho.com

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